My first foray into Kindle Direct Publishing

Islām teaches us the concept of Ḥusnuzh Zhann, having a good opinion of others. Is this why Muslims have this opinion that their scholars are of such lofty spiritual status, that they live on love and fresh air alone? (Even if that were the case, where’s the fresh air in these polluted times?)

In any case, I have started working on my next book, and if it is completed, I intend publishing it via on its Kindle Direct Publishing service. Dealing with Muslim publishers and booksellers does not help pay my bills and debts, so here goes trying to deal with non-Muslims.

Simply as an experiment and a first time practice, I have published my Ramaḍān Tafsīr notes (originally here on my blog) on Kindle Direct. You may view it here on Amazon and offer your suggestions.

May Allāh reward you.

سليمان الكندي
Twitter: @sulayman_Kindi


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