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  1. Dearest hazrat when I looked through your articles I saw great fikr for the ummah of the prophet sallahualahiwasalam. I had first read your translation of the book by imam al waqidi rh but then came across a comment from a mufti from south africa that it is incorrectly attributed to imam waqidi. I don’t know what the case is but may ALLAH bless your efforts. We would like to invite you the UK sometime inshallah. There is a need to bring up the issues you discuss in our community as well.


    1. May Allah make your good thoughts about me a reality.

      In regards Futhusham, I will only say that it was prescribed by such Ulama of the status of Ml Maseehullah, Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, Yusuf Kandhalwi etc (rahimahumullah). Where were the objections then?

      I have resolved not to participate in “Chicken & egg debates while Baghdad burns” I prefer comitting an error than to be resurrected in the company of scholars who engage in public fault finding.

      This attitude has been motivated by the disgust I felt at Muslims, usually sitting in ivory towers, who spend all their resources vilifying other Muslims by name.

      Visiting fellow Muslim brethren would be a delight, especially to place I have not been to yet such as the UK

  2. asa

    jzk for your recent naqshbandi shaykhs bio translation on another website. pls can i get an email contact for you.

    1. wa alaykum salaam
      I shall mail you inshaallah

  3. Shaykh, i would like to meet you.. May Allah swt bless you immensely. Aameen

    1. As salaamu alaykum. Meeting me can only cause you to lose what good thoughts you may have of me. I am in need of your Dua

  4. asalaamu alaikum

    Respected Molvi saheb, have you translated any more books in the “Futuh series apart from the 2 books that most of us know about?

    im from Durban, South Africa and ive enjoyed Futuhush- Shaam very much .
    i was told u were going to be translating quite a few more similar books.

    i hope you are not affected by the negative comments & insults that come your way from the misguided & confused muslims.

    you works are very much appreciated and enjoyed and it would be a shame if you cancelled your plans to translate further books due to what shallow minded people say.
    all the ulama around me also enjoyed your books & are making duaah that you u complete more translations.
    was salaam.

    pls reply via email if u read my message.

    1. wa alaykum salaam

      I did intend, but have never been able obtain the Arabic manuscripts. Also translation work has never paid enough to meet life commitments, whatever I can do has to be done in time squeezed after hours. I am appreciative of your dua and well wishes. Jazakallah for your message.

      was salaam
      Sulayman al-Kindi

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