Turkey – Murky History but Clear Future (2/2)

WWI & the Armenian Genocide


Turkey may have become a Masonic state, but the last vestiges of Muslim unity had still to be removed and Palestine transferred from the Empire to the Zionists. That was achieved by dragging Turkey into WWI on the German side. The result was a lost war and the Empire torn into pieces….one piece of course being Palestine which Sultān Abdul Hamīd had refused to betray.


It was also during this time that the Masons ruling Turkey massacred 1.5 million Christian Armenians who were supposed to be under the protection of Islām. What the motivation was, Allāh knows best, but since Turks were deceived into believing that rulers were true Muslims fighting for their people’s survival, they remain in denial over this horrid and shameful event to this day. The sooner the Turks come to terms with their history, the sooner they can resume their honourable role in serving Islām to the full.

The Silk Scarf Conspiracy


At this point some might question that a personality astronomically more pious, learned and politically astute than me, i.e. Shaykh Madanī of India, sought the cooperation of these very Masons during the First World War. Knowing certain audiences, I can already hear the infantile fuming accusation, “Does he think he is better than Mawlānā Madanī!!!?” Such a question does not deserve reply, for they might as well ask if I think that I am better than Ibn Kathīr and ash-Shāfi‘ī, Allāh’s mercy be upon them all, or the Noble Companions for that matter, may Allāh be pleased with them. What I do claim however is the following:

  • With the passage of time more information becomes available to people who may not have been present in a given situation. Thus today we have a bit more information and insight on Turkey’s rulers of a century ago than those who lived a century ago. If that is construed as disrespectful, then frankly I cannot be bothered to try and engage you on an intellectual level.
  • The above applies to me as well. There is much currently happening in the world that confuses me. People of later generations who never experienced the confusion, trauma, fear, anxiety and tests that we are undergoing, will have a broader perspective and greater information. What seems so nebulous to us, might seem so plain and obvious in 50 years’ time.
  • I do not believe that Masonry was known and understood a century ago as it is today. Even so, people in political positions might have a different perspective than the man in the street. Cooperating for a specific objective is not an endorsement of the other party. Even if some evidence is found that the scholars of the time knew that the Turkish rulers were Masons, that does not equate to them knowing the agenda of Masonry, the plans of the Donmeh, or endorsing those people as righteous.
  • It might seem silly, but some people behave as if twitter, the internet, whatsapp etc all existed throughout history. Please apply your intellect. Your living in the information age does not mean that information was always so easily accessible.

Erdogan, Dajjāl & the Future


Firstly, as a stickler for detail, the alphabet Ataturk imposed, had “c” for “ج”. So the President of Turkey is in fact, “ رجب طيبRajab Tayyab” Erdogan. I cannot help if Radio Islam and Channel Islam ignore my advice. If they prefer their copy and paste journalism and go along with western media in saying, “Recep” then so be it. Similarly for example, the former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, would be Najmuddīn.


President Rajab is clear that he is a servant of Islām. Gulen claims the same. Ataturk claimed the same. The pious people of the time were deceived and hailed Ataturk as the great Ghāzī. They realised the truth when he almost wiped out Islām in Turkey. I am in no position to judge. I merely share my thoughts that Turkey has such a murky history and politics running back four centuries, we should be cautious in jumping to conclusions. Who is really the good guy and who the bad? It is Allāh who reads hearts, not me sitting thousands of kilometres away. As I have said, politicians sometimes have a different perspective which we might not be in a position to understand without the facts. There are issues I am unhappy about when it comes to President Rajab. This may be my lack of foresight and knowledge; or it may be his human weakness for surely nobody can expect him to be on the level of the first generation of Muslim rulers; or the third possibility which really pains me and which I would not be able to bear, is that he is another elaborate Ataturk, an agent of the Donmeh.


There are those who feel they can issue rulings upon all and sundry. I have already written against such arrogance. The Turks do not need my advice. As President Rajab is a Muslim ruler who claims to care for Islām, I would opine that we foreigners have to support him in our prayers at the very least, until there is clear evidence against him. At the same time we should be on guard. Turkish history demands this.


I list my reservations about the president below. If I am blind, may Allāh guide me. If he is in error, may Allāh guide him.

  1. His extravagance is so colossal, even non-Muslims are amazed and criticise him. A Billion dollar palace four times the size of Versailles? This is not the way a true Muslim ruler behaves. His wife’s lifestyle is really embarrassing.
  2. A Muslim ruler accepts criticism. Is jailing journalists galore what we want from a Muslim leader? He even feels threatened by 16 year old boys. He demands that Germany arrest its citizen for mocking him. Could he not instead humbly accept a role as a shield for Allāh’s Messenger صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ? They mock the noblest of creation. Defend him. If they mock you, you are diverting their tongues and pens from someone far superior and nobler than you.
  3. The coup seems on the surface to be staged to me. I stress “seems”. I do not know. Many others have expressed their doubts in more detail, so I shall not elaborate.


So the past and present are filled with question marks. The future however, holds absolute certainty, for it is not based on my word, Erdogān’s or Gulen’s, but on that of Allāh’s Messenger صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ  himself. The scholars agree that the following narration of Muslim refers to Istanbul.


عن أبي هريرة أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال سمعتم بمدينة جانب منها في البر وجانب منها في البحر قالوا نعم يا رسول الله قال لا تقوم الساعة حتى يغزوها سبعون ألفا من بني إسحق فإذا جاءوها نزلوا فلم يقاتلوا بسلاح ولم يرموا بسهم قالوا لا إله إلا الله والله أكبر فيسقط أحد جانبيها قال ثور لا أعلمه إلا قال الذي في البحر ثم يقولوا الثانية لا إله إلا الله والله أكبر فيسقط جانبها الآخر ثم يقولوا الثالثة لا إله إلا الله والله أكبر فيفرج لهم فيدخلوها فيغنموا فبينما هم يقتسمون المغانم إذ جاءهم الصريخ فقال إن الدجال قد خرج فيتركون كل شيء ويرجعون

Abū Hurayrah narrates that the Prophet صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ  asked, “Have you heard of a city one side of which is on land and the other on the sea?”

“Yes, O Messenger of Allāh,” they replied.

He then said, “The Hour shall not arise until 70,000 sons of Isaac battle against it. When they reach it, they will come down, but will not attack with weapons nor shoot any projectile. Instead they will call out, ‘There is no god but Allāh! Allāh is the greatest!’ One side of the city will thereupon collapse. (Thawr [the narrator] says, I believe he said that it is the one on the sea). They will again call, ‘There is no god but Allāh! Allāh is the greatest!’ and the other side of the city will collapse.’  They will call out for the third time ‘There is no god but Allāh! Allāh is the greatest!’ and way will be made for them. They will enter the city and acquire booty. While they are sharing the booty, someone will come shouting, ‘The Anti-Christ has emerged!’ Thy will abandon everything and return. ” [Muslim]


This Hadīth speaks of the era of the Anti-Christ and has yet to manifest. It does not refer to the first conquest of Istanbul in 1453, but refers to a second Muslim conquest. There are many interesting points we can discuss, but I conclude with the following few points which are relevant to our immediate discussion:


  1. Another Hadīth in Muslim clarifies that the crier is Satan himself who will lie to the Muslims, i.e. the Anti-Christ does not yet show himself. Thus Turkey will be a place of deception and involvement of the Anti-Christ until the end.
  2. If the Muslims have to re-conquer Istanbul as described in the Hadīth, it clearly means that at some point the enemies of Islām will be in control.
  3. Turkey will not re-enter the fraternity of Islāmic nations peacefully and democratically.
  4. Resolution will be through military means.
  5. The Turks will not be able to free themselves on their own. Outside intervention by their brothers will be needed.
  6. Who are these Sons of Isaac? Candidates have been proposed, but I reject these opinions. They are supposed to have four features which are not to be found in these proposals. They are to be descendants of the Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him). They are to be numerous enough. (70,000 is often an idiom for a large number). They are to be Muslim. They are to be people capable in the battlefield. Only one people matches all four features simultaneously, but that is my opinion.
  7. If we are to witness the manifestation of the Hadīth in the far future, i.e. after Erdogān, then this Hadīth has no immediate bearing on the current situation.
  8. If the Hadīth is going to manifest in the near future and Erdogān is a true Muslim ruler, then Erdogān or his rightful successors will be removed just like Sultān Abdul Hamīd was removed. The Muslims will then fight those who are ruling Istanbūl.
  9. If the Hadīth is going to manifest in the near future and we have been deceived, then the Muslims will fight those who are ruling Istanbūl.


May Allāh guide us. I do not think that matters are going to get any easier for the foreseeable future.


سليمان الكندي
Twitter: @sulayman_Kindi


9 responses

  1. Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:

    I look forward to your posts and always learn something from them. I appreciated the first part of this piece but the second part lacks stability. You have some opinions that seem to float without solid anchor and, just as you have an opinion, many hold opinions opposite to what you’ve stated – including me.

    I ask that you please: either flesh out or flush out your conviction regarding the Armenians.

    Likewise, please flesh out or flush out the way you’ve lumped President Erdogan in a category with Gulen and Ataturk. There are clear differences between them. For one, President Erdogan is a political leader, Gulen is not (though he tried and continues to try to weasel his way in – deceptively).

    Gulen is a leader of a religious movement he started (more than likely with a little help from his “friends”), a movement that distorts Islam, deceiving everyone (not just his followers) and allowing clearly haraam elements prominence.

    President Erdogan is a Muslim political leader in a country that is majority Muslim where Islam was systematically stripped down and distorted. He is part of a political movement that struggled long and hard to gain foothold in the Turkish political arena in order to, in my view/opinion/hope, bring Islam back in Truth alhamdulillah, and inshaallah to bring Islamic rule to Turkey.

    Ataturk was one of those (not the only one but clearly the most remembered/honoured/idolized and represented in Turkish history) who tore down Islamic principles in Turkey, launching reforms that are now being undone thanks to many but clearly under the political climate of the AKP. So much more can be said here – e.g. why the President may be clamping down on certain groups (other than FETO).

    As a Turk, despite not living in Turkey, despite having reservations about certain things, I stand firmly behind the AKP and President Erdogan. Also, not only do I not believe the attempted coup was staged, I believe it was orchestrated by FETO and the US of A. Also, I sense it was meant to either succeed or test the waters – with more to come.

    May Allah Ta’aala save and protect Turkey, foil the plots of her enemies, grant her strength, and grant her victory over her enemies, ameen.

    Wa’assalaam alaikum

    1. wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

      My July data was exhausted writing the article under discussion, hence I did not reply to you or others as yet.

      I am aware and appreciative of your good will and dua I had been receiving from you. It grieves me to sense that my words might have hurt you, but I also trust that we have the maturity to respect each other when we disagree. If however, I have clearly fallen into falsehood, it is incumbent upon you to try and guide me on the right path.

      In regards the Armenians, they were under the protection of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who has clearly stated that he will be against the Muslim on the Day of Resurrection who had harmed a Zhimmi. The killing of 1.5m of them under the Masons who ruled Turkey at the time is a historical fact. I fail to see why a sincere Muslim would defend the Masons when the sincere Muslim Turks had no real power at the time and are not responsible for the act. Why must these Masons be defended? Nevertheless, that even in name the Armenians were under the protection of Islam, means that Muslims, especially Turks, have to expose the truth and who were the real culprits instead of denying the ugly reality.

      I have “lumped” together three Turks who claimed to be sincere for their country and religion. This is a fact. I have clearly identified one of them as an enemy of Islam and a liar, because we have the facts for this as well. I have passed no judgement on the other two, because in my view an element of doubt and uncertainty remains. In your view, you clearly know who the sincere and insincere are. I would venture that the overwhelming majority of not only Turks, but the Muslim Ummah agree with you. May Allah bless you in your insight, knowledge and zeal and help me to see more clearly.

  2. Sisterinislam | Reply

    Assalaamu alaykum
    Jazakallahkhayr for this article on Turkey.
    Please elaborate on point number 6. Who are the people that match the 4 features you mentioned?


    1. wa alaykum salaam

      My July data was exhausted writing the article under discussion, hence I did not reply to you or others as yet. I deliberately did not name the Sons of Isaac, since that section was devoted to what can be deduced from the Hadith with relative certainty, whilst the identification of the warriors is essentially opinion based.
      With respect to others, Arabs, Italians, Greeks or Turks do not fit the description, in my view, and of course Allah knows best. My view is in fact the interpretation of Shaykhul Hadith, Mufti Radaul Haqq. Inshallah, if time permits I shall compose a separate post on who I feel these people are.

  3. […] Source: Turkey – Murky History but Clear Future (2/2) […]

  4. IsaBella Al Hurrah | Reply


    excellent and insightful article, as always.

    makes alot of sense your analysis if this hadith has to materialize in the present era or distant future……all we can do for the time being is make dua n invoke Allah to keep us steadfast on the Siraatul Mustaqeem, these are very trying challenging times we live in, our Imaan is our most precious asset that can easily be corrupted or lost in this era.

    im rather curious about Erdogans relationship with Israel,the west and Russia…..conspiracy theorists throw alot of confusing views about it, but being aware how they operate the NWO for me its all just staged theater, and the working together as one.

    also it be interesting if you compiled an article on events in Syria at present….its all very confusing for the layman, and is there anything available on the hadith about the blackflag?
    and the hadith narrated by Umm Salamah RA about a khalifah before the Mahdi?

  5. The killing of the Armenians was the work of the Donmeh Jews. Attarturk, Carosso , Pasha and others were the architect of this policy.

  6. Ameen, wa iyyak.

    I wanted to reply earlier but knew I would have to devote some time to it and was preparing for another big move across the country so I did not have the time – I put it off. Alhamdulillah, I’ve tweeted a little bit on this (so much easier to do, less strain on the brain)… and, despite feeling rushed now, inshaallah I will try to write a little more detailed – starting with an apology.

    Alhamdulillah, I am not hurt at all by your words but rather a little frustrated (most likely due to my ignorance more than anything else). I apologize for using the phrase “flush it out.” I acknowledge it as disrespectful and I am sorry. If I could, I would rephrase it; and, since the issue is really quite delicate, I would request that you please explain how you arrived at your conclusion (even if merely based on personal feelings, a guess or a hunch, or hearsay sources and views of others you respect) or, that you retract the comment or refrain from commenting until you can explain your position in more detail.

    Unfortunately, I am not a historian nor can I claim to know the full truth to ever state that you have “clearly” fallen into falsehood in regards to your conclusions. That said, as you are a scholar, I do believe it is inappropriate to share views on heavy topics like this based on dodgy news stories and other sources that have been refuted. This is why I requested the position be fleshed out. Without this, where would one begin to “guide on the right path?” So, just as it is incumbent on me (and everyone for that matter) to try to guide on the right path, I feel it is more-so incumbent on you as a scholar to do so… inshaallah this helps and inshaallah what I’ve said now is not offensive or hurtful. I don’t intend for it to be. If it is, please forgive me.

    With regards to historical facts: what have been presented over the years as fact, have been shown to be quite questionable and many have been proven to be down-right false. Hence, inshaallah as a sincere Muslim, I call the position into question and do not believe the sources. It’s unfortunate that Turks are being alienated from other Muslims in this regard and so, yes, Turks “have to expose the truth and who were the real culprits” instead of accepting lies and deception that even other Muslims seem to be buying into. I’m not saying Masons didn’t have a hand in this tragic chapter, however, the story being told is not a whole, true story… at worst it is fiction, at best it is only partially true. As for where the Masons (or Missionaries, etc.) fit into it all, inshaallah let’s investigate a little more fully to see. The lies have been exposed but people choose not to acknowledge this and, for that, there is nothing that can be done except persisting on the truth, not wavering from it, remaining steadfast.

    As for knowing who is and is not sincere – I can’t know this. What I can do (and inshaallah try to do) is: have husn dhan, examine things to the best of my ability, and not be swayed so easily by smokescreens. To me, stories on the shopping habits of women (or men for that matter) and state property occupied by statesmen (peppered with lies about gold toilets etc.) are just that – smokescreens.

    Again, I apologize for being offensive. Requesting du’aas.

    May Allah Ta’aala bless you with steadfastness, strength and good health, and grant you increase in your time, knowledge, and good activities; and may He correct us, grant us understanding, make the truth plain, foil the plots of the enemies of Islam, unify the Ummah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallem), grant us strength, and grant us victory over our enemies, ameen.

    1. I have read part 1 and 2. I have to say im very disappointed to read your views on Armenian Turk issue. Im not saying Turks are innocent, its all Armenians fault but this issue isnt looked from objective angle.The suffering of Turks are ignored. Didnt Turks suffer? Didnt they lost their lands due to Armenians? Obviously who cares for Turks right? My family members witnessed what Armenians did. Despite this i still dont blame Armenian for this. Infact this was war era. Both parties suffered. The same people who had such good relationship for more than 100 years became enemy to eachother. Everything needs to be studied under context. I request that before talking about this issue please be objective. It is unfair to attack Turks. You have no idea how those Turks suffered in the hand of Armenians. My intention isnt offend you but as Turk i cannot let sufferings of Turks to be ignored. This is sensitive topic, I request again that this topic needs to be left to historians of both Armenian and Turks.

      Secondly i have read your view on Ataturk Erdogan Gulen. Sister TowardsFalah explained this very nicely, who these people were. I want to ask yes pious and non pious were deceived about Ataturk but that same Ataturk connected Turks together which was needed to defend the country from invaders. Yes it is terrible what happened afterwards and i have seen later years the reality of Ataturk. What i noticed in this blog also the only problem is mentioned whereas i dont see solution. Kemalism is a problem yes but where is the solution? Attacking Ataturk will not get Turks or sincere islamic scholars anywhere. There are ‘kemalist historians’ defending him. The solution is so simple. Dont you say that people were cut from deen, then why dont we connect those people to deen again? Forexample, i was secular before one thing that helped me the most was someone reminding me of islamic values. After time past then i started to question secularism and Ataturk. Then Alhamdulillah i left it. Btw many Turk known historians would deny Jewish origin of Ataturk. You can only solve kemalism by showing real islamic values then people Inshaallah come to question secularism. Unfortunately language barrier is such a problem. I request also from you and our respected ulama to join with turkish authentic scholars. This will be very effective battling kemalism.

      About Erdogan yes i agree what you have said but it is unfair to be critical of him. We cant expect him to ultra pious. He was leader that helped to bring some of the islamic values to Turkey. I see people moving to deen in the time he came as Prime Minister. Obviously there are psedo and these people would change their views if the government changed to secularist but they are really those who suffered in the hands of seculars due to their beliefs. These people find relieve. Erdogan i believe needs to be supported against secular kemalist turks. I disagree the made up attempted coup comment. Plz refer to Sibel Edmonds, she worked in FBI also a whisleblower. She explains Gulen US connection very well.

      Unfortunately people came to understand Gulens real face after the attemped coup whereas this man was deviant from before. Many Turks have became blinded by his ‘Hizmet(Service) Movement. It is true that government placed part with making Gulen strong but Gulenists were there before AKP government. It is unfair to blame AKP for the Gulen issue. AKP did his mistake but we need to get over it and start to take away Gulenists from the Turkish government, judge etc. Unfortunately due to Gulen, seculars Turks will even attack Islam and Jamaats even more. I pray that our scholars are encountering it.

      May Allah reward you for your efforts. I apoglise if i offended or sounded harsh with my words. I ask forgiveness for the wrong i may have done. I request yours duas not for me but our ummah and Turks ameen

      Jazakallahu khayran

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