Radio Islam Podcast: Muslim in Crisis

Podcast of Panel discussion on Radio Islam held on 15 August 2014. Mawlana Muhammad Kara hosted Mawlana Yusuf Abed and myself.

Questions which were posed to me:

  • What are your reflections on the current situation Mulsim across the world?
  • Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and other parts of the Muslim World are in turmoil and chaos   –  Do we need to use divine logic to make sense of events.
  •  We receive most of our information from western media outlets.  Are most people being given the correct representation of what is really happening?
  •  Is there an Ideological vacuum within the Muslim Ummah?
  • There has been rising elements of ‘extremist’ in certain parts of the Muslim World. Are they causing more damage?
  •  What directives have Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam given us – as to how we should conduct ourselves at the times of Fitna?
  •  How should the Muslim Ummah be responding to the current crisis?

سليمان الكندي

Twitter: @sulayman_Kindi


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