Ataturk, Snowden & Dajjal – Age of Deception


requesting you to write something about #snowden , would like to hear your #perspective on the #issue, Insha’Allah


Your questions serve to reveal my ignorance. My reply is that I do not know the reality of this man. However, as you enquired on my perspective I shall share some thoughts on how I view current events.


The past century of deception

In studying ancient history, I find that the question marks, the unknowns, are due to lack of records, sometimes deliberate. For example, if memory serves me right, it was almost 20 years ago that I looked up the voluminous Cambridge History of Persia. It details 5 millennia of history, yet is mysteriously silent on the details of 1502 when Shāh Ismā‘īl proclaimed the land Rāfiḍī. It bothered me that there was no names to the regents ruling Persia in the name of the psychopathic butcher little boy. (Yes, I probably started reading at birth and my childhood spent in reading upset my mother for some reason). Yet as we approach our own times, when the minutest statistic is recorded, question marks and confusion increase rather than decrease. We are living in the age of deception. To me it appears that there was a growing trend of deceptive history round about WWI. The trend keeps amplifying and will probably reach a peak with the appearance of Dajjāl. I do not believe that he will appear in all his evil in sudden bang. Rather, his followers have laid the foundation for his deception and confusion for at least a century. Thus many events cannot be fully analysed at the moment. It is only in hindsight that the truth can be ascertained.

The demonic entity known as Ataturk

Turkey provides a sad yet excellent example of the above. The demon Ataturk began his campaign in the name of Islām! He deceived the masses loyal to Allāh, who hailed his supposed victories as a return to the days of the Righteous Khulafā. Had we been living in those days and you asked my perspective, might I not have exhorted you to support the great servant of Islām, Ataturk? It is only afterwards that he revealed his true colours, but some still refuse to discuss him being a Jew. It was also only after his death that analysts were able to piece together a picture showing the connivance of the British so-called enemy in allowing the demon to seize power.

Yet the Masons who ruled before him had set the groundwork. They were even more deceptive in their apparent zeal for Islām. Even the sincere scholars of the time thought them to be good Muslims and tried to cooperate with them in the Silk Letter Conspiracy. So again, this is an era in which it is very difficult to see through the fog. During my formal student days, I looked up to a certain scholar as the epitome of Muslim leadership. Today, my heart is convinced that he is in the pay of the CIA.

Who was Hitler?

Mainstream media, NOT conspiracy websites, carried a report in 2009 on the DNA tests on the skull which Soviet troops recovered from Hitler’s bunker. They revealed that the skull was in fact that of a woman under 40. In other words, it was not Hitler’s (unless something very bizarre was hiding under that moustache). In yet other words, Hitler did not die in the bunker. Yet every standard history book maintains the lie that he did. His rise to power, his false death and the fiction of the holocaust are events that have shaped our past century of deception and confusion. Never before have we had so much data and yet been so confused.


I do not see any evidence for separating Snowden from this pattern of history. I am ill at ease with facts surrounding his story and how he magically has a new exciting story at opportune moments. That is my admittedly ill-informed perspective and as I said, I do not know the reality of this man.

سليمان الكندي

Twitter: @sulayman_Kindi


5 responses

  1. JazakAllah for continuing to give guidance during this age of deception.

    1. The only way to be sure that Im not deceiving you is to compare my words to the real standard – the words of Allah and His Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

  2. Crypto Jews are a Phenomenon that the Zionist elders have used as a battering ram for Jew conquest of the goyim world. Hitler, Roosovelt, Chrchil and Stalin were all cryptos.
    Atttarturk and the young Turks ,which eviscerated the Caliphate were Donmeh Jews

    1. The facts seem to point in that direction. However, I am still not 100% convinced about Hitler

  3. The freemason movement is based on the Jew Kabbala {Jew magic} and it is totally controlled by the Jews .

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