Idols are heritage, Masjid is Shirk!

This really takes the cake! Jaahiliyah idols are heritage but Masaajid are Shirk? In the light on our discussion on the endangered Haramayn Heritage this is really nauseating.

Please read this BBC report on “Saudi art” My further comment is not necessary.

5 responses

  1. Salaam.
    Brother, I understand your opinion but would you please discuss it in a little more detail?

    1. و السلام عليكم
      Criticism is noted and is valid. Will repost shortly inshaallah.

  2. As-salaam Alaikum,
    Brother, insha’Allah you are well. Hadn’t received an e-mail in some time notifying of any entries. Are you still around? FiAmanillah.

    1. wa alaykum salaam.
      A combination of ill health, despondecy and plain laziness are to blame.
      Allah reward you for your concern. Your dua that I post soon would be appreciated.

  3. Maimoun Al Kindi | Reply

    What is nauseating is the fact that our royal kindite arabs forgot their place in history. With their royal tribal history among arabs before Islam they should be more truthful to their heratage of Judiasm before Islam. Their hertage made them kings before Islam and judges , scientists and successful tradesmen in the history of arabia after Islam. Wake up and know you heratage. The Quran tells you to walk and travel among earth and to see how the old lived so that you remembe. Heratage of arabia is of the essence and value to know how Islam freed the minds before and then the ways of life. We find stories of them in the Quran, bible and Torah so that you may remember and be redpectfull of all because we are in one earth.

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