"Shiah" – Jewish alliance inevitable from history

In his article Azerbaijan-Israel: A Shia Jewish Alliance, Mr Roy Tov, A Jewish convert to Christianity asks, “Can this unlikely pact be explained?” Whilst the realpolitik he presents as explanation is certainly relevant, Muslims of the Sunnah should not be surprised and should not find anything “unlikely” about this. This topic cannot be fully covered in this short article and only certain points are presented for the reader’s further study.
What is surprising about a pact which was forged from day one? Firstly, we of the Ahlus Sunnah are the real Shiah [partisans] of Ali [may Allah be pleased with him]. They who attribute false claims to him were labelled by his descendant, Zayd, as, “Rawāfid,” Dissenters. That Rifd was initiated by a Yemeni Rabbi, Abdullah bin Saba, is known and admitted even by the Rawaafid, e.g.Rijal-i-Kashi, p.71. What many need further education on is how Jews further fostered Rifd ideology through the centuries. Arabic readers should avail themselves of the book لله ثم للتاريخ كشف الأسرار وتبرئة الأئمة الأطهار (For Allah then History, Revealing the Secrets and Exonerating the Pure Imaams). The author, as-Sayyid Ḥusyan al-Musawī was a Rāfidi scholar and confidante of the exiled Khomeini. Allah guided him and he exposed  the truth behind Rifd. May Allah grant me the opportunity to translate this much needed book into English.
This book is not the only one to discuss the prophesies of the Rawāfiḍ:
  • The Rāfidā Mahdi will rule with the Law of David.
  • He will speak Hebrew.
  • His reign will initiate a massacre of Arabs and Sunnis.
  • He will demolish al-Masjid an-Nabawi and revere Karbala instead.
 – so… is he Shiah Mahdi, Jewish Messiah or ad-Dajjal? Clearly all three rolled into one! The aim of the Rabbis whom al-Musawi exposed,   was to deviate as many Muslims as possible to accept Dajjal, their Messiah, as the Mahdi. To a great extent they have succeeded.
Examine history and know that they are not our brothers.
  • They joined hands with the Crusaders against Islām.
  • Their plots drew in the Mongols who massacred hundreds of thousands of Sunnis in Baghdad whilst sparing the Rawaafid. [A study comparing contemporary Baghdad might be in order].
  • Persia was majority Sunni (Shaafi’ee). The Rawāfiḍ enforced conversion at the point of the sword in 1502. This is why the borders, where the army’s reach was weaker, are still Sunni.  Again , the hundreds of thousands of Sunnis butchered meant nothing to them.
  • To this day, Sunnī Masājid are demolished in Iran, whilst Jews are accorded full respect. “Khomeini” was one of the greatest deceptions of the past half century. A good starting point to discover the truth would be this link.    
  • Many more events expose the Rawāfiḍ. It should also be mentioned that if one examines the ancestry of the “Young Turks” whose coup was directly designed to destroy the Ottoman Empire and hand over Palestine to the Zionists, everyone of them will be found to be descended from the elder brothers of the Rawāfiḍ, the Jews.
In conclusion, consider why did Rasūlullāh صلى الله عليه وسلم say that 70,000 Jews from Isfahaan (Iran) will follow ad-Dajjal as narrated by Muslim, but also “70,000 from my Ummah” as recorded in Sharhus Sunnah? Who are the only ones who can be “Jews” and “my Ummah” at one and the same time? A group initiated and nurtured by the Jews but who also claim to be Muslim. A group which came to control Ifahaan 500 years ago. A group also in control of Azerbaijān.  
A pact unlikely on the surface, but absolutely unsurprising in the light of history.
سليمان الكندي

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  1. Maimoun Al Kindi | Reply

    Dear fellow kindi tribesman…
    All I can say about this is that their is no doubt that Muslims split after Ali for political reasons only. Islam is one but Moawiya and his bloody clan not only put to sward on all who were against them and used criminal rulers like Hajaj but also spead false Hadith. Ask yourself why on earth these Hadiths are so full of hate ? In fact Proohit Mohammed was merciful and more justful. Remember what Quran said when a man stole in Madina and his relatives threw it in a Jewish house. Quran came to inform prophit that the jew was innocent. This is an example how just Islam was in the life of Prophit. In fact even khalifah abu baker and Omar insisted that no Jew will be tested in their religion and that they pay less Zakat than Muslims. Wala yuftanan yahoodian aan yahoodiytihi.. Many Jews were also arabs from royal Yemani tribes. The Caliphs respected them. Ony after Muawiya took control of Damascus that he used propaganda Hadiths that insult Jews and his Muslim opponnents. He killed more muslims and his decendants used force to force people to their political agenda. History tell us that later a grandson of Abdullah bin Abbas born from a royal Kindah mother became Caliph of Islam and his decendants successfully spread justice and Islam all the way to china. They became true Muslims but drunken Ummayah Caliphs kept their propaganda agaist Ali and his relatives. Think why drunken Zaid wanted to sea head of childeren of Fatimah be sent to him in Damascus .. This offcourse will tell you what propaganda Hadiths you read. Know that Sunnah Islam is by far more humane than those propaganda and false Hadiths and Sunnah know that they are Shiah of the Quran and true Hadiths which do not accuse cities or people. History tell us that propaganda of hate against any people is naked lies so are distorted Hadiths from drunk Ummaih Caliphs against Jews and other Muslims.

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