Racism & Intolerance amongst Muslims

This is a downloadable transcript ( as best as I can remember) of pre-Jumuah talks I delivered in the wake of the 2008 Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. One Masjid made it clear that I was no longer welcome there. Or should I say, “the powers that be” or “think that they be” made it clear that I was no longer welcome there.
The Imaam of another Masjid was not honourable enough to to make his unislamic attitude known immediately. My services were used for another year, before he could make other arrangements (he is not known for being able to deliver two coherent English sentences). He would then send text messages telling me not to come whenever I was scheduled to talk. I had to learn from third parties why the coward no longer wished me to speak.
One might ask why I am posting this now, when so much time has passed? Firstly, I had stated that this blog will be a record of past writings and correspondences. Secondly, the issues mentioned are still very much relevant. Muslims love to lament how we are wronged, but are averse to soul-searching and admitting to our own wrongs against others, let alone rectifying those wrongs.

سليمان الكندي

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